Mandalorian Review: Episode Six


Design By: Maggie O’Connor

In last week’s episode, viewers were in for a surprise with finally learning The Child’s name, Grogu, and meeting Ashoka Tano. This week, even more surprises were in store when familiar faces returned and catastrophic damage was done. 

As we previously learned, Moff Gideon survived the battle we last saw him in during season one and had placed a tracker on Mando’s ship, The Razorcrest. Since Ashoka refused to train Grogu because of his connection to Mando, they ventured to the planet Tython to find ruins of a Jedi temple that could help them find another Jedi. Mando placed Grogu on the seeing stone, and much to his surprise Grogu connected with the force and reached out to locate other Jedi. 

While this powerful connection was taking place, Mando was met with another visitor on Tython. This visitor… Boba Fett. Thought to be dead, Boba Fett returned to Tython in search of his armor, which was in Mando’s possession. Boba Fett was accompanied by Fennec Shand, the assassin the Mando had also previously believed to be dead. As the trio is working out their differences, two legions of stormtroopers drop in to try and retrieve Grogu. 

Fennec, Boba and Mando are able to fend off the stormtroopers, but much to their surprise four Shadow Stormtroopers drop into the ruins of the Jedi temple just as Grogu finishes his connection with the force. The troopers abduct Grogu, and fly off. Boba attempts to go after them, but is told by Mando not to harm the child. As Boba flies higher into the sky, he slowly realizes that there is an Imperial Cruiser hanging out right above the planet, waiting for Grogu. 

As the cruiser is getting ready to fly off, Moff Gideon orders The Razorcrest to be destroyed. Mando looks over to see his ship turned to ash and goes to survey the wreckage. Nothing survived except his spear made of Beskar. The episode closes with Grogu in an imperial cell, using the force to mess around with some stormtroopers. Moff Gideon puts Grogu in shackles, and viewers are left wondering what will become of him and Mando in the next chapter.