Mandalorian Review: FINALE


Design By: Maggie O’Connor

The season two finale of The Mandalorian sure was one to remember. Before you read any further, there will of course be spoilers in this review. I mean, how could this masterpiece of an episode be reviewed without leaving out the life-altering details viewers witnessed on their screens at the end of this episode? 

Last week, viewers were still left wondering how Grogu would be rescued, and what would become of the now team of bandits and Mandalorians joining Din Djarin (Mando) on his quest to retrieve Grogu, and eventually deliver him to a Jedi. The finale opened with Djarin, Boba Fett and Fennec Shand searching for Bo Katan once again, in need of her help. There was an interesting little bar fight between Fett and Katan because of Fett’s clone nature, which will surely be elaborated on eventually. 

After gaining the help of Katan, the team developed a plan to rescue Grogu, along with the help of a kidnapped Empire scientist. As dangerous as it seemed, Katan was determined to face Moff Gideon alone, and force him to surrender to her. Djarin and the rest of the bunch were left in the dark as to why, but would soon find out. 

After some travel and further planning, Katan, Shand and Cara Dune initiated phase one of their infiltration plan on Gideons Imperial cruiser. Next, Djarin boarded the ship in search of Grogu. He was first faced with the obstacle of the Moff’s newest creation, the Dark Troopers, which are the first, fully-droid powered troopers that were said to be virtually indestructible. Djarin was able to take down one of the troopers with his staff of Beskar. 

As Djarin enters Grogu’s cell, he is shocked to find Gideon, standing over the child with the Darksaber. After some negotiation, and an epic lightsaber/staff duel, Djarin takes the Moff to the bridge and hands him over to Katan. The only problem is that Djarin already defeated the Moff in battle, and was in possession of the Darksaber. Unfortunately for Katan, the only way to become the heir to the throne of Mandalore was the win the Darksaber in combat. 

As the Dark Troopers were just about to destroy the ship and the heroic crew on the bridge, a mysterious X-Wing boarded the cruiser. Through some security footage, the team watches as a Jedi with a green lightsaber destroys the entire platoon of Dark Troopers, and enters the bridge. It is Luke Skywalkwer, in the flesh! The team is saved! 

Skywalker was there for Grogu, in search of a new padawan to train. Djarin, realizing he has an extremely emotional bond to Grogu, is hesitant to give him up. After a sweet and emotional moment, Grogu is off with Skywalker and R2-D2 for training. So, if anything like season two, season three is going to be quite the thriller. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have done it again, and I personally am ecstatic to see what comes next in this adventurous saga.