Friday Feud: Netflix vs Disney+


Design By: Caroline Andress

As everyone continues to love the new trend of streaming services, it can be difficult to decide which ones to pay for and which ones are not even worth your time. In this week's edition of Friday Feud, Ethan and Brody debate whether Diseny+ or Netflix is the better option to buy.
When looking for a streaming service to spend the rest of your quarantine life on, look no further than Netflix. Their perfect combination of original series and films, throwback TV shows and a wide range of movie selections can not be matched by any other service. I oftentimes will find myself late at night exploring each and every streaming site known to man. I look to Hulu: they lack variety. I explore DisneyPlus: I am tired of rewatching The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. Then I arrive at Netflix. Here I find comedy specials, brand new series, and recently added movies that everyone seems to love. However, the streaming services’ wide variety is not just for one person. It can be shared with your entire family so that everyone can enjoy this great experience together. There is no denying the joy Netflix can bring.
I think it is time for Netflix to go where Blockbuster video and Family Video are and never return. While it may seem as though they continue to advance their platform, Netflix has been around for too long and their age is starting to catch up with them. As networks and film producing companies are beginning to partner up with streaming services, Netflix has found itself in a money war they can not keep up with. Thanks to its multi-billion dollar industry, Disney+ has formed connections with NatGeo, Pixar, Marvel and so much more for it all to be viewed in one place. Sure Netflix may have some more original content right now, but Disney+ is continuing to expand on this endeavor and has even released special content like the new live-action Mulan. With a company as dominant as Disney, there is no telling what the future holds for its amazing streaming service.