Grammys Controversy

When one thinks of award shows for music, the first that comes to mind are the Grammys. The 65th annual award show was held on Feb. 5, in downtown Los Angeles. There was much controversy surrounding the award from Harry Styles’ album of the year, Sam Smiths and Kim Petras “satanic” performance. 

The award show started off smoothly with a performance from Bad Bunny playing

El Apagón ” and a memoriam tribute from Kasey Musgraves. Viola Davis officially won EGOT status and Kim Petras became the first trangender woman to win the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance award.

The night started off rocky when Artist Harry Styles was awarded album of the year and many posted to various social medias how they felt he did not deserve the award. Across all platforms many were shocked that Beyonce did not win for her critically acclaimed album, “Renaissance.”

Although Beyonce did not win album of the year, she reached a new level of success becoming the first woman to have the most Grammy Awards standing at a whopping 32 awards.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz had little to say on the performance between Kim Petras and Sam Smith for their song, “Unholy”. Smith wore a devil costume while Petras wore a simple red dress. 

“This…is…evil,” Cruz said on Twitter.

Many people clapped back at the senator expressing the things that he has done could also be considered evil and that playing music is not satanic. 

Every award show has good and bad moments, but at the end of the day one can not take back awards that were rightfully deserved.