WandaVision Review: Episode 7


Design By: Allie Hall

The twists and turns in WandaVision continued into episode seven of the series. It also had an interesting layout with character confessionals throughout, which resembles shows such as “The Office” and “Modern Family.”

This episode started with Wanda reliving the events of the last episode of her expanding the Hex. Her magic is causing objects in their house to go through time, for instance turning the twins’ video game controllers into playing cards. When the twins ask for her help, Wanda tells them that she needs alone time. Outside of Westview, the remaining S.W.O.R.D. agents have lost Wanda’s broadcast signal and are planning on launching an attack on Westview. However, inside Westview, Vision wakes up outside of the circus that the S.W.O.R.D agents had turned into, and recognizes Darcy as someone who tried to help him when he left the Hex in the previous episode. Later Agnes arrives to give an overwhelmed Wanda time to herself by taking Tommy and Billy back to her house. More objects in the house keep going through time, and Wanda reverses it, but she is also confused as to why it is happening. Outside Westview, while Monica and Jimmy are driving to meet people who can help Monica safely re-enter Westview, they figure out that Director Hayward had been trying to find a way to bring Vision back online before Wanda stole his body. Monica prepares to go back into Westview in a space rover but when it hits the barrier, it starts changing just like everything else had. Monica decides that she should just go in by herself, but when she fights her way through into the other side, her eyes turn a striking blue and she discovers that she has superpowers. Vision, inside of Westview, uses his powers to release Darcy from Wanda’s control and steal a van from the circus to go to Vision and Wanda’s house. On the way, Darcy catches Vision up on the events of Avengers: Infinity War. As they try to travel through Westview, Vision speculates that Wanda is trying to stop him from returning home by setting up as many delays as possible and so he decides to fly home instead. Monica confronts Wanda and tries to warn her about Hayward, but Agnes interrupts them and takes Wanda back to her house. Wanda notices that the twins are not around and when she asks, Agnes tells her they are in the basement. When Wanda goes down there, Agnes reveals that her name is Agatha Harkness and that she has been the one messing things up in the town from the beginning with her own powers.

I really liked this episode because it explained a lot of the confusing things we have been seeing since the beginning, with the reveal of Agatha having magic. I also really enjoyed the end credits scene that continues to maintain the same Marvel trend that has continued since the beginning of their movies.