WandaVision Review: Episode 9


Design By: Allie Hall

The highly anticipated season finale of WandaVision is now available on Disney Plus. The show was a total of nine episodes long and captivated viewers, keeping up the suspense week to week.

The episode starts with Wanda and Agatha using their powers to battle, while Vision and Anti-Vision fight to save Westview. Agatha continues to convince Wanda that she is the Scarlet Witch and tells Wanda more about who the Scarlet Witch is. Agatha undoes Wanda’s control over the people within Westview and they begin to surround her, begging her to take down Westview. S.W.O.R.D. sees this as their opening and slips through the barrier before Wanda closes it again because she sees that the twins and Vision are disintegrating as she takes down the barrier.

The family splits off with the twins taking care of the S.W.O.R.D. agents, Vision fighting Anti-Vision, and Wanda continuing her battle with Agatha. Vision helps Anti-Vision regain his memories of Wanda and his life. Wanda uses her powers to make Agatha relive the memory of almost being executed in Salem, but the memory turns on Wanda and the witches begin saying that she is the Scarlet Witch. Wanda tells Agatha that she can have her powers, and Agatha starts absorbing Wanda’s powers. Wanda then reveals that she cast her runes onto the Westview barrier, and Wanda absorbs all of hers and Agatha’s powers and transforms into the Scarlet Witch.

Wanda and Vision both agree that the barrier to Westview needs to come down even though they know that it means they lose their family. They tuck the twins into bed and go downstairs to watch as the barrier slowly gets closer to their house. Wanda holds Vision as he and their house disappear. Wanda is seen leaving Westview and living in a house in the mountains alone studying magic as the Scarlet Witch.

I thought that this was a fantastic conclusion to the series. We get to see Wanda close the door to her life with Vision that she had built for them in Westview and watch her become the Scarlet Witch. I am excited to see how her powers grow and how we may see her in future movies. I love how the show wrapped up all of the loose ends that it created, but also opened up to Wanda starting her journey as the Scarlet Witch. Overall, I thought that this show was amazing. It kept me hooked from start to finish with all of the twists and turns, and ended in a suspenseful, yet concluding, way.