East Volleyball Season Recap

With the flooding of East’s lower level this past summer, the floors and gymnasiums were heavily damaged. Not only did this impact the aesthetic of the school but the playing field for sports such as volleyball. The fixtures and repairs have allowed the 2021 season, though interrupted, to continue on, better than ever.

Playing at Southside Elementary School instead of their home school ended the season with many victories and resulted in gaining the title of 2021 Sectional Champions. 

Varsity and JV player, Jenna Guse feels immense gratitude towards being back in the familiarity of their home gym.

“It was super cool that our first North vs East game was back in our home gym,” Guse said. “I’m very grateful we were able to have our season though and we definitely made the best out of it.”

Many team members were recognized and rewarded as a result of their accomplishments during the season. Junior Gabby Dean received ‘4A 1st Team All-State’ and  Coaches, Terry Sweasy and Ellyn McIntosh received coach and assistant coach of the year award.

 As a senior, Katy Jordan wrapped up her last season of highschool volleyball, and felt many anxieties she made the best out of a tough situation. 

“We were devastated when we first heard about the gym flooding, especially it being my senior year,” Jordan said. “ Although it has been a strange season we made the best out of it”

During the first game back at East, the student section crowd was more hyped than ever, bringing their A game by dressing up with the themes, creating motivational signs and chanting cheers to encourage the players. 

Sophomore Brooke Leslie was ecstatic to see the crowd back and better than ever, 

“It felt amazing to see everyone back again,” Leslie said. “ It gave us the drive we needed to finish out strong, the more people the more energy we have.”

The volleyball team took a tough situation and turned it around for the better and by defying the odds, they proved that regardless of the circumstance, their potential knows no bounds.