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Boys Basketball East vs Bloomington South

Neck and Neck
Team standing together for the National Anthem

In a battle against two Cardinal directions, Columbus East and Bloomington South went head-to-head in basketball on Jan. 12, 7:30 pm in East’s main gym: The Orange Pit.


The game started off with a large uproar as Bloomington South got their hands on the ball first. As both teams rushed to the guest’s side of the court, the ball was passed to a player on the three point line, scoring the first point of the game.


Filled with a raging energy, East rushed to get the next point, following Bloomington South with a layup in the next minute. Soon after, Mason Reeves was thrown to the ground by a player from Bloomington South.


The player was fouled and Reeves was left to sit on the bench for a decent portion of the quarter. However, as Bloomington South began leading at the end of the first quarter, Reeves got off the bench and made a stunning comeback.


The game was a roller coaster of emotions for both teams as they always kept close in terms of scores. By the end of the second quarter East was in the lead with 24-23 points, but then swiftly loss the lead as Bloomington South came out ahead at the beginning of the fourth quarter.


The teams scrambled to make points, hoping for the chance to create a gap, yet by the end of the fourth quarter, the game had been tied 46-46. With only a minute left, these Cardinal counterparts did all they could to win.


Then, with a only ten seconds left, a player from Bloomington South fouled number 30, Keaton Lawson, a sophomore on East’s Varsity basketball team. With pressure surrounding Lawson, he stared to his teammates.


“I knew that my team needed me,” Lawson said. “And I knew there was going to be a lot of pressure, but I just had to [make the shot].”


And as Bloomington South shouted and East chanted, Lawson shot and scored the free throw, winning East the game against Bloomington South at 47-46.

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