WHO CARES? Album Review

Who cares? Rex Orange County Fans do! Rex’s new album, WHO CARES? is finally in the hands of his listeners as of Mar 11. This is the famous English singer and songwriter’s fourth released album since 2015. 

Rex is well known for his music which tugs at the hearts of his fans, but as well for some happy tunes such as “Bestfriend” and “Loving is Easy”. WHO CARES? however, is a well-curated album that leads its listeners through an unknown path, with each song being a surprise. Certainly, I can say as a Rex fan that this is a new era for him.

Several months ago, Rex had confirmed that he and his longtime girlfriend had broken up. This led many of his fans to believe his next album release would be a rather sad one. That is not the case. WHO CARES? highlights Rex’s journey through self-growth, internal fears and love while running short on the sad side.

What I love the most about this album and Rex overall as an artist, is that nothing feels the same. Everything is brand new, from the use of the infamous piano sound in many of Rex’s songs and the use of lyrics, it goes without saying that this album is very refreshing and new.

Of course, buried through each song listeners get to hear Rex’s old sound and familiar features. One of my absolute favorite songs, “Open A Window”, is a great example of this. Featuring Tyler, The Creator this song is the definition of confusion and self-discovery disguised as a happy song. The lyrics are catchy and Tyler’s verse is without a doubt a work of art, like always. This album is all about variety, and that makes it a good one. 

Along with this album release came two music videos for “Keep It Up” and “Amazing”. The music video for “Amazing” kept a similar style to that of the “Loving is easy” music video, with characters made out of felting from the album. The rest of the songs have lyric videos with adorable mini illustrations that float up and across the screen for viewers to enjoy.

Overall, this is an excellent album and I would highly recommend you give it a listen along with Rex’s other albums!