A Gothic Tribute

Dark makeup, dark clothes and many accessories are strewn about a room as a person with several types of piercings gets ready for the day. That, at least, is the general knowledge of a gothic or grunge subculture and style. 

However, throughout the world, there are many different definitions and types of gothic cultures that have had major impacts in the societies we are a part of.

Gothic subculture can be traced back to the Visigoths, invaders and conquerors of part of the Roman Empire in 410 B.C, yet the newer style and goth appearance can generally be traced back to the gothic movement of Europe in the 1980s. 

Traditional goths, Victorian goths, Lolita goths, Pagan goths, Vampire goths, Cyber goths, Industrial goths and glam goths are only a small portion of the entirety of the gothic subculture. The traditional gothic style is the most common in all countries.

There is even a National Goth Day, made unofficial by Cruel Brittania and Martin Oldgoth, DJs for BBC’s radio six, on May 22, 2009. 

With this genre, though, there are many mixed feelings about the culture and style as a whole, some even ranging on the level of bullying and belittling. 

There are, in contrast, supporters of the gothic subculture who, while they may not be completely gothic themselves, advocate for gothic people. 

“Goths slay and they should be more respected,” anonymous said. 

“You do you,” Meg Fields, a teacher at East, said. “If whatever you are doing is making you happy, then you are doing the right thing.”

And, while many goths are put into the stereotype of ‘teenage dirtbag’, ‘punks’ or ‘depressed’, a multitude of goths are quite successful in careers that do not normally fit their stereotypical criteria. 

Another very topical point of gothic subculture is Wicca or paganism, a practice or beliefs outside the main world, including nature worship. While only a small portion of goths practice these beliefs, nearly everyone associates the religion with a gothic subculture.

While the stigmas and stereotypes of gothic subculture weigh heavily on goths, there are many ways people can come to better understand this culture of individuals through background research and personal connections with the people of that group. 

Design by: Joycee Redman