Jake Paul’s Controversial Career

Jake Pauls Controversial Career

As Jake Paul quickly grew to be what some say is the best boxer in the industry, many others have questions as to how this happened. 

Before Paul became a boxer, he was a Youtuber whose channel grew to twenty million subscribers and seven point three billion total views. Paul has always been ambitious and craved to do what he likes best; not what makes the most money. 

Even though Paul is now a professional boxer, he still continues his Youtube legacy to document his boxing career and the steps he is taking to become a better boxer. Paul is creating a documentary to document this training process. 

When a person comes into a new space, such as boxing in his case, you will get a lot of hate, especially when you are really good when you first arrive. Many people make comments about how he needs to leave the boxing industry and go back to Youtube. 

Some people speculate that Paul is cheating his way through the matches, trying to gain more money. Paul has made many messages explaining how this is not the case and that boxing is a sport that he’s wanted to compete in since he was a child. 

Jake Paul is currently six and zero in his boxing career with four KO’s and has fought many professional athletes, including Tryon Woodly, Nate Robinson and Ben Askrin. 

“Anyone that comes my way and wants to have a boxing match, I will fight no matter what. As long as it’s worth my time.. I’m afraid of no one,” Paul said.

Many people look forward to seeing him succeed, while others are waiting for his downfall.