MSCHF’s Approach to Fashion

A new brand of “art” had recently gained popularity due to the creative products that they had produced and introduced into the sneaker world. The brand in question is MSCHF and this is their journey into the sneaker industry and fame. 

The first pair of shoes the brand has made and the pair that brought the MSCHF brand into light were the ‘Satan Shoes’. The ‘Satan Shoes’ were a customized model of the Nike Air Max 97 and were in collaboration with Lil Nas X after the release of his song, “MONTERO.” However,  the shoes were not necessarily popular for the right reason as there was a controversy that sparked up quickly when the public found out the shoes had drops of human blood in the air bubble sole. In a chain of events, the controversy caused Nike to sue MSCHF, which forced a recall of the shoes. 

Following the controversy, MSCHF went underground for awhile. Planning their return to the industry and public eye, MSCHF released the ‘Wavy Baby’ shoes that brought back a good reputation for the brand. The ‘Wavy Baby’ shoes were created in collaboration with a popular rapper, Tyga. The shoe was very visually similar to the classic Vans ‘Old Skool’, but the twist was that the sole of the shoes were “wavy” instead of flat. 

Recently, MSCHF released the ‘Big Red Boots,’ which has hit the fashion industry hard. This revolutionary pair of shoes was inspired by an anime character named Astro Boy and his signature red boots. Becoming one of the most popular and unique pair of shoes in America, they have recently made an appearance on Vogue.

Design by Cayden Lynott