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To Hades and Back

From the mighty God of War franchise to the popular Age of Mythology, Greek culture has been used as an inspiration for multiple fantastic games, but what happens when a game utilizes the story of a lesser Greek deity?

Hades, an Indie video game published and developed by Supergiant Games, features one of the lesser-known gods from the Greek pantheon: Zagreus, while still showcasing the more powerful divinities, such as Demeter and Chaos.

The game is an action-packed dungeon crawler, displaying randomly generated passageways and enemies for each floor, with the main goal of escaping the looming labyrinth of the underworld and reaching the surface of Greece.

However, for Zagreus to reach the surface and find what he is looking for, he must traverse the hoards of the undead, sent by his father, Hades, to stop him from reaching his goal. This includes mammoth bosses with unique strategies.

Zagreus must overcome these adversaries and other treacherous titans to reach the next stages of the underworld. In total, there are four different sections, each getting harder as Zagreus progresses: Tartarus, Asphodel, Elysium, and the Temple of Styx. 

As the player makes their way through the critical plot points of the game, they meet friends and family who help them escape the dungeon. These NPCs grant them perks and special items to help them through the realms of Hades, and present them with unique and interesting dialogue.

While befriending Zeus, Aphrodite and Artemis can be fun, only a few of these friends will grant you additional items. To earn these items, the player must give them nectar to increase their relationships, eventually allowing them to get the best items through a trade of Ambrosia.

Hades not only creates an entertaining atmosphere and an interesting gaming experience, it also provides educational input on the lives of important heroes and villains in Greek mythology. Not to mention, the music blends well with the stagnant atmosphere of the underworld. 

With a perfect rating from Steam and Common Sense, Hades is a must for any lovers of the Greek pantheon, or for any lovers of dungeon crawlers alike.

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