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The Forgotten Knight


From the fantastical stories of knights with broadswords, wielding metallic shields forged of dragon skin to the desolate mages casting balls of fire and dark shadows at their foes, the world of warriors is distinct in portraying powerful people fighting terrible monsters. However, this is not always the case.

Hollow Knight, a video game published and developed by Team Cherry and illustrated by William Pellen and Ari Gibson, is one of these exceptions. 

This game follows the adventures of a small beetle-like bug who wields a nail as it dashes away around thorns and tall mountains all while vanquishing their much larger adversaries. 

The player is tasked with exploring the underground sanctum of Hollownest, a once-large metropolis of insects. While venturing into the depths of the cavern, the stoic Knight will encounter both beautiful and vile landscapes crafted with the utmost detail and care.

With underwater rain showers and clouds of mushroom spores exploding all around them, the player is constantly focused on the gameplay. Similarly to Ori and The Blind Forest, Hollow Knight is a mix of fierce combat and difficult parkour. 

However, beneath the vibrant and stylish exterior hides a dark secret: the infected beings of the desolate kingdom. These sentinels will attack the Knight with weapons and spells of vast array, from hooked spears to teleportation, they stop at nothing to protect their king. 

With this being said, the player can acquire spells of their own by defeating the bosses and claiming their powers. Each new boss provides the Knight with more experience and lore into who they are.

Not only the bosses, but the NPCs also aid the Knight in their descent into the cavern with charms and magical relics which increase the player’s SOUL (health and magic points) and allow them to gain more Geo, the currency in Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is available on nearly every platform and even has four free expansion packs with new bosses, challenges, and even a troupe of phantoms. With such regards as the “best platformer 2017” by PC Gamer, Hollow Knight is a game worth checking out.   

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