East english teacher to become elementary UDL facilitator

Isaac Harper, Writer

Although many may not know, English teacher Julie Hult is leaving her current job for a new one in the school corporation. Hult will be leaving to become a UDL (Universal Design for Learning) Facilitator at Southside and Rockcreek elementary schools. Part of her new job will be teaching current elementary educators how to include UDL guidelines in their lessons.

According to fellow East English teacher Mrs. Gentry, Hult has experience with UDL. “To her, there is no incorporating UDL into lessons- she utilized UDL before it was cool”, said Gentry.

Gentry goes on to describe Hult’s teaching style, which was inspired by her drama background. “At any given moment, you can walk by her room and the kids in her room might be laughing hysterically or screaming… but there is a method to her facade of madness. She has a genuine passion for kids”

Hult will be leaving behind her English classes to become a coach for teaching. So she isn’t leaving because of awful students or a distaste for her job, but so she can further education and learning in the school system.

Hult “I love East. Love it,” Hult said. “An opportunity came my way that will allow me to help other teachers and administrators do cool stuff for kids.”