What’s the “soup”?


Julie Connor

Soups by Design updated its downtown location with new flooring and tables made from recycled materials.

Corbin Parmer, Writer

Soups by Design is a local downtown restaurant in an alleyway off of 4th street, behind the city parking garage. Inside is a small, bright, colorful place filled with great smells and great food. The walls are decorated with bright green and black decor, adding a sense of modernness to classic food choices. The simple yet fulfilling menu includes soups that range from classic homestyle choices like chicken noodle and chili, to more eccentric items like seafood chowder and thai coconut curry.

Soups opened its doors in November of 2011, and was first imagined to be a simple, “monk” style restaurant, where one can get good soup, good bread and a friendly face.

Wayne Blackerby, the owner of Soups by Design, said, “ I wanted to provide a place where the ‘average Joe’ could afford to go to lunch. In order to do that, we had to make everything from scratch and put strict controls on the products.”

Soups is known for its $5 lunch deal, which includes a bowl of soup, two slices of bread, a cookie and a drink for $4.67, with tax making it come out to exactly $5. This is a great deal for any “average Joe.”

Also, Blackerby adds that his $5 dollar lunch idea seems to have caught on, as there are many local places now with a similar $5 deal.

The interior design for Soups was meant to originally sport a 50’s feel, with retro looking floor tiles and lots of primary colors. Recently, however, the walls were struck with bright green paint and modern decor. The floor and tables have changed as well, both now made from recycled materials: repurposed tires for the floor, and repurposed pallets for the tables.

Blackerby says that this new design hopefully suits towards a newer image, being that what they offer is “a healthy alternative to what is downtown.”

Soups by Design has just finished their best year yet, according to Blackerby. He said that they are planning to open on two more locations, one in Columbus and one in Indianapolis.

Soups by Design, for such a small and simple place, really provides a great atmosphere. The employees are friendly, the food is good, and most importantly, the deals are cheap.