Dell Takeover


Monica Burton

The acquirement of new laptops to the freshmen has started a dispute from the upperclassmen at East.


For the returning students, the distribution of student laptops was a familiar process. Every student would be given their HP computer with a charger from the previous school year. Usually, each graduating senior would pass down their laptops to an incoming freshman, while this year was an exception. The identical computers the upperclassmen were given were not the same as the laptops the freshmen were supplied with. Instead of HP computers, the 9th graders were given brand new Dell computers.  


A new face to East is Sam Kelsey, a freshman here at East, states his new Dell laptop works great and he prefers it over the Chromebooks from middle school. Kelsey shares his thoughts as to why giving only freshman new laptops this year is fair for everyone.


“We can just try these out and if they are good, then they can give [the new computers] to the upperclassmen next year,” said Kelsey.


Mr. Taylor, one of the individuals who works in the Technology Department, gives an explanation for why new computers were given to all of the freshmen.


“The plan is they will keep those throughout their high school career and every year the new incoming freshmen will get a new laptop that they will also keep all four years here at East,” said Taylor.


Taylor mentions that there was no specific grant given and that the purchase of the new laptops are from the normal technology budget. The plan is for new computers to be given out every four years.


However, some students had mixed feelings about the new devices. Since the sophomore class was given reused laptops from the prior senior class when they were freshmen, they will be the last ones with the older laptops. The HPs have been known to have technical difficulties and connection problems. Grant Cooper, a sophomore at East, is one example of a student who has had many problems with his laptop. From loading, to connecting to the internet, to turning in homework assignments, Cooper has faced many difficulties with his HP.


“I honestly hate them. I just don’t like having to do work on them. They really shouldn’t need the new laptops while the older kids should. We have better and harder projects we have to do and turn in,” said Cooper.


Though the HPs are notorious for getting complaints, hopefully the freshmen will have better luck with the Dell computers.