Spotify Vs Apple Music

Cayden Rooks -Spotify

Spotify has has over 20 million songs for users to download. Apple music may have about 10 million more songs but statistics say at least 4 million of those songs have never even been listened to. Another big factor with spotify is that it’s free. All your favorite songs and no cost. Even if you want to be able to skip songs and get Spotify Premium, the cost is $10, the same as buying Apple Music. You can also listen to Spotify Premium offline so you don’t have to use up all your data. Spotify also has a much stronger recommendation system then Apple Music. Every Monday Spotify’s users receive a new “ Discover Weekly” playlist, which is a playlist of songs that are similar to the songs that they’ve been listening to. This playlist is figured out with an algorithm that they use. Spotify also gives users a few daily playlists composed of artists that they already listen to frequently. So as you can see Spotify puts more time and effort into their music streaming app so it’s users can have the best experience possible.

Dalton Anderson- Apple Music

The many benefits of Apple Music is its price and availability around the world. Apple music is available in 114 countries but spotify is only available in 60 countries. Everyone who uses Apple music gets the first three months free then after that you pay 10 dollars or 14.99 if you are on a family plan. Offline listening is another benefit of Apple Music you can listen to music whenever you want and it does not buffer. Apple Music has over 40 million songs to download, and they also have a section where they select music you might like and add it to your playlist. Apple Music also lets you listen to new songs and albums as soon as they are dropped, so you’re not missing a thing. In conclusion Apple Music offers you quick easy access to music lets you download music wherever you want and listen to it when you want. And also Apple Music allows you to make as many playlist you want with no song limit with cheap starting price to get you started.   



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