Page of Positivity

Page of Positivity

Caroline Emerick and Emily Ostrom

May 15, 2020

Recently, the world has been full of bad news. We thought that everyone could use a little positivity in their lives. Check back weekly for new additions and we hope you enjoy Page of Positivity.    Cheerful Song- “Don’t Worry Be Happy” By Bobby McFerrin. Joyful Joke- Why did the invisible m...

What Tiger King Meme Are You?

What Tiger King Meme Are You?

Monica Burton

May 12, 2020

Have you binged the infamous Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness miniseries on Netflix yet? If so, the fun is not over. Take this quiz to find out which meme represents you best. https://www.opinionstage.com/monicaburton1/what-tiger-king-meme-are-you

The New Age of Gaming

Design By: Haili Smith

Jocelyn Laiz Diaz, Staff Reporter

April 29, 2020

Both Sony and Microsoft gaming consoles, PS5 and the Xbox Series X are set to be released this year. So, what is new, and how has the public reacted to both consoles? Here is a quick rundown. There is not much to know about the appearance of the console for the PS5, but there is plenty of informat...

What Netflix Show Should You Binge During Quarantine?

What Netflix Show Should You Binge During Quarantine?

Vibha Srinivasan, Staff Reporter

April 24, 2020

Social distancing has officially become the new norm, but one of the biggest problems most of us are having is what to do to cure this never-ending boredom. Luckily TV always keeps us occupied! Take this quiz to see what TV show is your perfect match! https://www.opinionstage.com/vibha-srini...

Caroline’s Craft Corner: Cereal Box Planters

Caroline's Craft Corner: Cereal Box Planters

Caroline Emerick, Content Editor

April 24, 2020

  In this edition of Caroline's Craft Corner, Caroline shows the step-by-step process of how to make homemade planters with a cereal box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUwYmftlf_E

COVID-19 Changes Movie Industry

Design By: Joycee Redman

Emily Ostrom, Staff Reporter

April 14, 2020

COVID-19 has quickly impacted almost every aspect of our lives, not excluding the movie industry. Movie companies have been forced to change their plans for movie filming, release dates, and affected the business aspect of their companies. One thing that has had a major change in the movie industry is t...

The Office Analysis

Design By: Monica Burton

Jocelyn Laiz Diaz, Staff Reporter

April 14, 2020

Mar. 24 of this year marked the 15th anniversary of The Office. The hit comedy show aired its first episode all the way back in 2005 and went on to release nine seasons of the show.  It has received many great reviews on several different critics platforms, such as an 81 percent on Rotten Tomatoes,...

Timothée Hits the Runway

Timothée Hits the Runway

Vibha Srinivasan, Staff Reporter

April 9, 2020

It is no doubt that award-winning actor Timothée Chalamet has stolen many hearts from the minute he stepped into the spotlight and his talent, as well as charm, continues to be recognized all around the world. His skills on screen are recognized by many but something that can be easily overlook...

Games to Play While in Quarantine

Design by: Ally Piatkowski

Alli Barnette, Staff Reporter

April 8, 2020

Grey’s Update

Grey's Update

Maggie O'Connor, Staff Reporter

March 18, 2020

I have been watching season 16 of "Grey’s Anatomy" every Thursday with lots of things going through my mind. Who’s the father of Amelia’s baby? What’s going on with Teddy and Tom and most importantly, is Alex coming back?  Well, one of my burning questions was finally answered in episode...

Mac Miller’s Music Lives On

Mac Miller's Music Lives On

Robert Kanehl, Design Editor

March 9, 2020

On Sep. 7, 2018, hip-hop artist Mac Miller was pronounced dead as a result of a drug overdose. At the time of his passing, Mac was working on “Circles,” a companion album to his previous release, “Swimming.”  Throughout his discography Mac has dramatically changed his style, undergoing one...

“Gretel and Hansel” Review

Alexis Kieninger, Staff Reporter

March 6, 2020

"Gretel & Hansel" came out Jan. 31, 2020. Imagine my surprise when I found out they were recreating the Brothers Grimm tale yet again. By Feb. 2, I had my tickets and was ready to see the film. However, in no way was it what I was expecting.  It had a weak plot line and it lacked transitioning sc...