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The popular movie, starring Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Lail, Matthew Lillard, and Piper Rubio, has been anticipated by all Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) fans. While throughout the years, there have been teases and preparations for the movie, nothing has ever gone through. Until now, when Blumhouse and Scott Cawthon joined together to go through with the project.

The original FNAF game came out nine years ago, followed by a mass gain of popularity around the world. With the popularity still gaining at an all-time high, Cawthon decided to release another game. 

This time multiple YouTubers, such as The Game Theorists and Markiplier, hopped onto the trend as they analyzed the “lore” in the game. Lore is the story behind the plot, and for years people have tried to figure it out. All attempts have been unsuccessful, however, fans believed the movie would provide context for the mysteries.

The movie gave way to mixed reviews. Fans were when the previously rated ‘R’ movie had to cut a lot of gore to make the movie PG-13. In addition, several fans were upset that the movie followed the books more closely, rather than the games.

On the other hand, most fans were excited that the movie was being released by none other than Blumhouse. The production company has made several extremely successful and popular horror movies in the past few years, leading many FNAF fans to have very high hopes for the movie. 

Thankfully, the movie was much better than what most expected, making both the games and the cast more popular. 

TikTok has crowned Josh Hutcherson the “white man of the month” and many other entertaining videos have been spread throughout social media. Edits of the actors and several fan theories were provided to eager fans and made the movie exciting for both FNAF fans and people who have never been in the fandom. 

The movie has been widely congratulated which is a win for everyone involved. Many fans are hoping for a sequel.

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