I’m Just Sayin’: Family Members on the Holidays

I’m Just Sayin’: Family Members on the Holidays

Yetla Reyna December 5, 2017

I really don’t like how (my) family is around holidays. Someone (parents or siblings mostly but sometimes aunts and uncles) always seems to pop in unannounced. It feels like they don’t understand that...

Black Thursday

Black Thursday

Abigail Larken, Students/Features Editor November 23, 2017

A few years ago on Thanksgiving Day, I watched two of my older cousins leave my Grandma’s house and return an hour later with socks. I heard them rehash the details of bursting into Target to grab the...

Im Just Sayin: Teens Using Tech

I’m Just Sayin’: Teens Using Tech

Yetla Reyna , Cover Editor November 15, 2017

Adults have more than one phone for some jobs, and they use them constantly. I see adults on their phones all the time in and out of work but they get on our case for being on our phones “too much.” One...

Theres No Flame to Torch Time Anymore

There’s No Flame to Torch Time Anymore

Brayana Cacho, Writer October 25, 2017

With the new generation of freshmen coming into CEHS, they may not understand the major losses within our beloved, randomly scheduled Torch Times this year. What has changed from last year’s TT? Not...

Spectacular Spooky Spots

Spectacular Spooky Spots

Kat Richardson and Cam Key October 16, 2017

October is here! And residents all over Indiana are gearing up for the excitement that the month brings. Every year, Hoosiers all over the state work together to turn mundane houses, corn fields and...

Keeping Media Modest

Keeping Media Modest

Luke Harpring, Opinion Writer September 20, 2017

When publishing any form of media, one of the most important things to consider is the title. Titles condense an entire work into a phrase that generalizes the topic and gains the attention of a potential...

Friday Feuds: Is yoga an effective consequence for students?

Friday Feuds: Is yoga an effective consequence for students?

Soren Fox and Luke Harpring September 1, 2017

East guidance counselor Andy Taube has created a new and creative discipline for students. Kids can now attend a yoga class in the library in place of a detention or another minor consequence. Hear...

Students listen to Math teacher Chris Cooper.

Unheard Voices: How required participation should be altered to fit the needs of all students

Shelby Gordon, Opinion Editor August 23, 2017

Participation. A word dreaded by many introverted and timid students. The one requirement amongst many classes that can kill one’s grade in a matter of seconds depending on how many times you do or...

Junior Jake Schoenegge tries to play Coolmath games only to find it has been blocked.

BCSC blocks Coolmath games

Eli Newell, Web Editor August 9, 2017

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation always has had a tight grip on student access to various websites. However, their tight grip has turned into a strangle this year. Game websites have always...

Friday Feuds: Tacos vs. Burritos

Friday Feuds: Tacos vs. Burritos

Caleb Kinnaird and Ben Allen May 5, 2017

Tacos (Caleb) On the Cinco de Mayo holiday families across America often choose their favorite Mexican dish to eat for dinner. The best Mexican dish someone can eat for dinner is tacos. First of all,...

Donut Frenzy: Comparing Donuts n Coffee and Donut Central

Donut Frenzy: Comparing Donuts n’ Coffee and Donut Central

Drew Donuts are a very tasty snack not only in the morning, but all the time. They taste great and can be very cheap. In Columbus, there used to be only one donut store, Donuts & Coffee, located...

Friday Feuds: Yes! Cinema vs. AMC

Friday Feuds: Yes! Cinema vs. AMC

Drew Hasson and Thomas Myers April 28, 2017

Yes! Cinema (Drew) Columbus has two different options for someone that wants to go to a movie in town. There is the big-time movie theatre chain, AMC, and there is locally owned and run Yes! Cinema....

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