Friday Feuds: Fall Break

Friday Feuds: Fall Break

Drew Hasson and Dane Denniston October 7, 2016

Drew Hasson This past year, BCSC decided to change the school schedule regarding Fall and Thanksgiving Break. The old schedule from 2012-2014 gave BCSC students and teachers a two week break for Fall...

Friday Feuds: IU vs Purdue

Friday Feuds: IU vs Purdue

Ben Allen and Caleb Kinnaird September 30, 2016

Purdue (Caleb) Purdue University is a great school that is much better than IU. To start, Purdue’s colors are much more attractive than the colors of IU. Purdue offers a beautiful campus that one...

Word in Edgewise: Debate Recap

Word in Edgewise: Debate Recap

Alex Hahn, Writer September 27, 2016

The common denominator of good presidents is one of two things: eloquence or vision. These ooze from their speeches and show in their debates, but these two things that can be universally praised are...

Third Party Crasher

Third Party Crasher

Alex Hahn, Writer September 23, 2016

If you have been living under a rock and are unaware of the current political climate, it is important to mention the upcoming presidential election. The next president will be either Hillary Clinton or...

Friday Feuds: College Football vs. the NFL

Friday Feuds: College Football vs. the NFL

Drew Hasson and Dane Denniston September 23, 2016

Dane (NFL) The National Football League consists of the best players in the world, which makes the overall level of play better than college football. The biggest change in the game is the speed of the...

Friday Feuds: Chipotle vs. Qdoba

Friday Feuds: Chipotle vs. Qdoba

Ben Allen and Caleb Kinnaird September 16, 2016

Caleb (Chipotle) There is no doubt here that Chipotle is the best Mexican restaurant in town. Chipotle is famous for their hefty burritos, but one can also order their delicious tacos or burrito bowls....

East students work on homework.

Opinion: Students want more sleep and less homework

Shelby Gordon, Opinion Writer August 31, 2016

According to the American Sleep Center, teenagers are averaging 5 hours of sleep each night. Many teenagers are finding themselves staying up until 1 a.m. doing overwhelmingly large amounts of homework....

The Summer Olympics include sports like soccer, gymnastics, table tennis, and swimming.

Opinion: Summer Olympics

Lauren Schumacher, Opinions Editor August 11, 2016

Virginia Thrasher, 19: Olympic gold medalist. Katie Ledecky, 19: World record holder and two time Olympic gold medalist. Kanak Jha, 16: youngest male to qualify for Olympic table tennis and the first US...

Senior Jacob Harpring, hard at work during Newspaper class.

Senioritis part two: The case is terminal

Jacob Harpring May 20, 2016

If we were French, in addition to being even less motivated than we already are, we seniors would be called les élèves terminaux. Literal translation: the terminal students. A title such as that is a...

Senior Jacob Harpring, opinion writer.

Antisocial Alternatives- Tuned Out

Jacob Harpring, Writer May 16, 2016

Everywhere I look, I see people with eyes glazed over, reflecting the effulgent glow of an LED screen. They don’t notice me. They don’t notice much of anything. They hear only music through earbuds,...

Antisocial Alternatives: Prom

Sam Newell May 9, 2016

High School Prom has been considered a rite of passage of sorts for high schoolers all around the United States. However, not everybody ends up going. This could be for a multitude of reasons. Couldn’t...

Opinion: 10 things not to say to teachers

Opinion: 10 things not to say to teachers

Kira Singer, Writer May 4, 2016

Teachers will say that there is no such thing as a stupid question. While this might be correct in some circumstances, this isn't always true. As we near the end of another school year, here are ten things...

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