Suicide Prevention Week Recap

Alli Barnette, Staff Reporter

Suicide Awareness Week, Sep. 8 to Sep. 14, was made to create consciousness around the problem of suicide. It makes people want to be considerate towards the people around them. Its main purpose, though, is to make people with those harsh thoughts not feel alone. 

Suicide is the second leading cause of death from 10-year-old children all the way to 24-year-old adults. Young adults and children die more from suicide than they do from cancer and birth defects. Within those suicides, four out of five people gave clear warnings before they even attempted suicide.

If we knew how to see those signs and how to help those people, we would be able to help 80 percent of those people. Suicide prevention week is not just to let those people know they are not alone, but to let everyone know how to prevent suicide.