Weekly News: 2/22-2/28

Maggie O'Connor, Staff Reporter

Design by: Hannah Harris

Stocks like the Dow drop significantly after Coronavirus uncertainty comes out.

Following President Trump and Vice President Pence’s press conference regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, many news outlets have made some strong speculations as to what the future holds for the highly contagious virus. While the virus itself only has 62 confirmed US cases as of Friday, the continuous dropping of large stocks like the Dow Jones is concerning to many corporations around the globe. As the mortality rates are seemingly increasing in European countries, the source of the outbreak (China) is still not being transparent with the origin and extent of the virus’ impact itself. Vice President Pence is set to begin and run the task force in charge of controlling and researching the virus. The unknowns of the virus are still plentiful, and as more information is revealed a cure may be as well.

The Democratic candidates debate as Super Tuesday draws near.

The fight for the Democratic nomination continues as the candidates took the debate stage Tuesday night. With the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday coming soon, the frontrunners are taking their positions to the debates to get their final pushes out for the South Carolina delegates. However, while the debates are crucial in the campaign trail, it seems that everyone talking over each other prevents any debating from taking place. All eyes were on Sen. Sanders when Biden accused him of supporting Communist Cuba and their efforts, which ended in catastrophe to say the least. Others that began to talk some more Tuesday included Mayor Pete Butigeg, who spoke about his medicare plan. Amy Kolbuchar had many objections to Biden and Sanders’ claims, and accused them of lying about some staff concerns. Elizabeth Warren also made a strong presence, objecting to everything that Biden and Sanders said as well. The South Carolina primary will be another strong sign of who is destined for the nomination.

Violence breaks out between Hindus and Muslims following Pres. Trump’s meeting with PM Modi.

13 are confirmed dead after violence erupted in New Delhi, India after President Trump visited to talk with Prime Minister Narenda Modi. The protests are in response to a new law regarding citizenship in India, prohibiting Muslims from taking advantage of a new fast-track citizenship process. There are at least 186 injured, including police officers and firefighters. Fruit and vegetable stands were lit on fire and rocks were thrown hitting faces and heads of bystanders. Local schools have also been closed due to the violence in the streets. When asked about the violence, President Trump said he had heard about it but had not seen any fires or violence firsthand. One police officer was killed and police were forced to close two metro stations in the New Delhi area.