COVID Conspiracies

When the unexplained happens, conspiracy theories are always there to comfort us. Here are the top four craziest conspiracies I have come across.

    1. Nintendo created COVID so people would buy their games.

During the mist of Quarantine, Nintendo released their very popular game Animal Crossing. Following the release, Nintendo switches were sold out everywhere. People were stuck in their homes and eager to do something. Nintendo is a powerful enough company that could create an entire pandemic for marketing. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s because it is. 

     2. It was created in a lab.

Design By: Alli Barnette

The rumor of coronavirus being made in a lab is very popular. I believe it was made so America can blame China for the pandemic. Scientists have explained how Coronavirus is naturally derived. If a lab-made a pandemic, you think we would have a vaccine by now. 

     3. Vaccine

Some scientists who have tried to find a vaccine and came close to it, pass away randomly. For example Bing Liu, a research assistant professor, was killed randomly in a murder-suicide. Liu was supposedly on the verge of finding “very significant” discoveries for Covid-19. He was shot in his home supposedly by a man named Hao Gu. The conspiracy is that maybe the government killed Liu because they knew he was about to find a vaccine. I do not know what to say besides it’s really suspicious that he died right before he was going to find the solution. 

    4. Military Protocol

Some people believe that COVID was made from some higher power to control humanity. Six feet apart is a military protocol, which also made people believe that the pandemic is about control. With the death rates skyrocketing, it can also be seen as population control. From wearing masks, staying home, and not being able to do the things you want to do; I can understand why someone would feel like they are being controlled.

If you made it this far, I need to tell you if I randomly go missing then the CIA kidnapped me.