Faster Together: East Girls Continue to Prove Themselves This Season


The girls cross country team warming up with their cheer song.

After past years of a very small team, the East girls cross country team is growing in numbers and strength. This year’s seniors, while faced with the challenging setbacks that COVID-19 has brought, are more optimistic than ever. Senior Lynna Hendershot has this same mindset and is eager to finish out her senior season strong. 

“I feel really good about this season,” Hendershot said, “we as a team are doing very well despite being set back from not being able to practice as a team until July.” 

One of the highlights of the cross country season for the girls would have been team camp, which usually happens over summer vacation. Due to COVID-19, there was no opportunity to practice as a team, and build those relationships that often bring the girls together and help them succeed. But even without team camp, the girls are going stronger than ever. 

“I am very optimistic going into the second half to see how we do as a team,” Hendershot said, “hopefully we make it out to semi-state and at least some runners make it to state, which is very much possible.” 

Hendershot is not only confident in the team’s ability, but her own as well. She has big goals for her senior season, but knowing her determination, anything is possible. 

“Before I finish my senior year, I really want to PR for the last time,” Hendershot said. “I have not had a PR yet, but I have ran my second fastest time in my high school career, and it felt amazing.” 

The girls are ready to come together as a team and finish off the season strong, despite all of the challenges COVID-19 has presented. There are always positives to these kinds of setbacks, and Hendershot thinks that the leadership on the team is one of the best they have had. 

“I want this year to be the best the coaches and team has had with senior leadership.” Hendershot said. 

Her confidence in the team and coaches’ abilities is what will make their season the best it can be.