Which Back to the Future Is Best?


Design By: Savannah Wells

You have probably heard of “Back to the Future,” a sci-fi movie trilogy from the 1980s revolving around a teenager and a paranoid scientist. Which movies of the trilogy are the best? 

The first film in the trilogy, “Back to the Future,” was unlike anything of its time. Time travel movies were not even a category or type of movie because there were not a lot of blockbuster time travel movies. The script was definitely special and unique from the beginning when it was picked up. The idea of being a high schooler that could go back in time and see your parents in high school was very unique. Wondering what your parents would have been like in high school is something that a lot of kids have thought about, whether they talk about it or not. The first movie was definitely a fun and original movie.

The second movie in the trilogy was definitely darker and more serious. If Marty failed in the first movie, then his parents would have never met and he would have never been born. The structure in our country would have collapsed and been dictated by his dad’s high school bully. Not to mention the said bully also killed his dad and forced his mother into marriage. Despite this, the second movie started out very light and funny. Constant jokes and cool scenes from the future before taking this dark turn. The nation is run by a greedy murderer was not even the first conflict that was introduced. The first conflict was Marty seeing how his life would turn out as well as his kids, all because of his self-control to competitiveness.

The third movie is great but repetitive and slow. It is not too far off from the first movie, except it takes place in the cowboy era. I thought Doc. Brown finding his love interest seemed cheesy.

In conclusion, I personally find the first movie to be the best, the second movie to be the second best and the third movie to be the worst.