WandaVision: Episode 2 Review


Design By: Allie Hall

Marvel fans were given a treat with the start of WandaVision, as two episodes were released on the same day, Jan.15. These two episodes were likely joined together to better help the audience understand the plot of the show, which is still a huge mystery.

In this episode, Wanda and Vision practice for their magic act that they are going to perform at the neighborhood talent show. Then they each decide to go their separate ways for the day, Wanda going to the planning committee, and Vision going to the neighborhood watch. When Wanda leaves her home she sees something strange; a red toy helicopter in her otherwise colorless world. Before she can examine it further, her neighbor Agnes takes her to the party planning committee where they plan out the talent show. While there Wanda has more strange occurrences, with a voice trying to contact her through the radio next to her. The head of the planning committee, Dottie, cuts her hand during Woo’s attempt to contact Wanda, which shows more red color in the colorless world. Cut to Vision and he is meeting with the neighborhood watch, which turns out to just be a gossiping group. There Vision accidentally eats gum which messes with his gears, turning him into appearing intoxicated. At the talent show, Wanda and Vision do their magic act, even though Vision was messing up. After the talent show, the pair goes home only to realize that Wanda has become pregnant. Shortly after, they go outside and see a man dressed as a beekeeper come out of a sewer drain. Before he can do anything Wanda resets time to back when she finds she is pregnant. Then they change, color appears to the world around them and it sets the stage for the next episode which will take place in the 70s.

I am really liking this show so far. There’s enough mystery to keep the viewer invested while still giving us an easy sitcom plot. I am very glad we got two episodes to start off with, as the first episode was just a starting point, not really showing that too much is wrong with Wanda’s world. Next week’s episode will take place in the 70s, so we will have to see what else happens when it comes out.