Falling for Christmas Review


As we enter the holiday season, it is very common for families and couples to settle down and watch a good Christmas movie. The streaming service, Netflix, makes this easy. While Netflix originals are constantly being released, Falling for Christmas, starring Lindsay Lohan, has caught a lot of attention. 

Falling for Christmas is a romantic comedy following entrepreneur Sierra Belmont, played by Lindsay Lohan, finding her footing in a new town after losing her memories days before Christmas. She is found by Lodge owner Jack Russell, played by Chord Overstreet, after a skiing accident, who takes her into his care as she tries to remember the life she used to have. 

The movie is supposed to be a fun upbeat movie, but I constantly found myself lost within the quick-moving plot. While the sets and costumes really made it feel like Christmas, I feel like it focused more on Lindsay Lohan being in the movie, rather than the whole storyline. The entirety of the movie felt basic and cheesy, yet the acting was well executed.

I didn’t enjoy the movie much but I did like the diverse casting and character development throughout the movie. Lindsay Lohan’s change in character from before the accident to after was splendid. While I didn’t particularly like the storyline, I did like the back stories.

Overall, I would give the movie four stars, while the movie received a 3.6 star rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While it was basic, I think that the movie would be great to watch on a date or with family.