Peacemaker Review

In this new age of superhero show after superhero show, more and more tend to blend and become less inspired as they go on. WandaVision, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Titans and others do nothing more than just be cookie-cutter superhero television, offering nothing new and ending uninterestedly. One show has finally broken free of this superhero television curse of mediocrity: Peacemaker.

After the massive disappointments the last few superhero shows have been, I fully expected this to be passable, yet forgettable, much like others in the same genre. I have never been happier to be wrong. Peacemaker has been one of, if not the most, entertaining and engaging superhero television show I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

Like many others, I wrote John Cena off as the stereotypical action movie strong guy, however with his role as Peacemaker in the show, as well as The Suicide Squad, that perception is completely shattered. John Cena portrays a hilarious and tragic character perfectly and I could never imagine anyone else playing Peacemaker as well. 

The supporting cast does an amazing job as well. Freddie Stroma, who plays the psychopathic character Vigilante, is the highlight of the already hilarious cast. He is pure comedic relief. And while many others are offering their own jokes, Vigilante was the one character who I could consistently count on for a laugh.

Like many other projects by director James Gunn, this show’s use of music was done very well. Unlike how the Guardians of the Galaxy films uses oldies and nostalgic music to elicit emotions from the audience, this show uses hair metal to give it its own personality, which it creates expertly. 

If I were to have one complaint, it would be the humor. Much like other James Gunn projects, the humor was not exactly to my liking. While I certainly laughed at a large amount of the jokes in the show, there was an equal amount that I found very unfunny. But other than that, Peacemaker was amazing from start to finish and hopefully as the show continues on into its second season the jokes will become better constructed.