WandaVision: Episode 3 Review


Design By: Allie Hall

In the first two episodes of the series, there has been humor, suspense and confusion. In this episode of WandaVision, all of this is still true, but viewers may begin to understand the show as a whole with the new information given.

In the opening of the third episode, the Wanda and Vision introduction is presented with nods to shows that were released in the 70s, such as The Brady Bunch. After the opening, Wanda and Vision are seen in their house with a doctor. The doctor tells them that Wanda is about the equivalent of four months pregnant. Vision is concerned because Wanda had only been pregnant for about 12 hours. Then, Wanda and Vision decorate the nursery for the baby, and her pregnancy makes her unable to control her powers. Wanda worries that the people in Westview know that she and Vision have powers. Wanda then goes into labor, and Vision rushes to get the doctor before he leaves for vacation. While Vision is gone, Wanda’s friend Geraldine comes over while Wanda tries to hide her pregnancy. Ultimately, Geraldine helps Wanda deliver the baby but Vision arrives with the doctor just after. Then they realize she is having twins, and Wanda and Vision name the two little boys Tommy and Billy. Vision goes outside and begins talking to his neighbors, Agnes and Herb, who tell Vision that Geraldine is new to the town and does not have a family or a house. Meanwhile, Wanda is inside with Geraldine and is talking about her twin, Pietro. Geraldine suddenly states she knows he was killed by Ultron. When Wanda questions her, Geraldine acts like she does not understand what Wanda means. Wanda tells her to leave, and Vision is trying to get answers from Herb and Agnes. Vision goes back inside and asks Wanda where Geraldine is, but Wanda says Geraldine had to go home. Geraldine is then seen being thrown out of an invisible barrier surrounding Westfield.

I really liked this episode. It included some pretty major plot points to help viewers understand what may be happening in the show. Overall, I would say this was my favorite episode yet.