Super Bowl Review


Photo Credit: WPTV

The Super Bowl has once again had fans jumping out of their seats, screaming at their players and laughing at the broadcast commercials. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers emerged as champions in Super Bowl LV against the Kansas City Chiefs, with a resulting score of 31-9.

The domination of the Buccaneers, as well as Tom Brady earning his seventh ring and Super Bowl title, was held in a stadium with in-person fans alongside cardboard cutouts of other supporters in the stands. The game was entangled with never before seen commercials, a hyped up pregame, and the infamous halftime show. 

The introduction of the competing teams was done by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, following a concert performed by Miley Cyrus. The national anthem was performed by a collaboration between singers Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan. The artist H.E.R sang “America the Beautiful”. By the time kick-off occurred, fans were sitting on the edge of their seats.

Commercials were a humorous break-time during the game. Companies promoted their products in ads that had only ever been seen during the Super Bowl. Verizon included actor Samuel L. Jackson blaming gamers’ losses on their slow internet. Michael B Jordan personified Amazon’s Alexa in Amazon’s commercial, and the fawned-over Timothee Chalamet played Edgar Sissorhands, alongside Winoer Ryder, in an ad for Cadillac.  

The PepsiCo beverage drink released a new campaign to lead into the Super Bowl halftime show. The Weeknd brought Vegas to Tampa in his concert, starting his performance high up in the stands surrounded by the Vegas cityscape and various signs. He also disappeared behind his cityscape set up to enter a secret hallway while holding the streaming camera. 

Slowly but surely, The Weeknd made his way down from the stands to the field, surrounded by dancers in white masks. All the attention was on the star as he walked across the field and stood in the center of the NFL symbol. The Grammy Award-winning artist sung his renowned songs, such as After Hours, Starboy, The Hills, and Blinding Lights. 

At the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida, the Buccaneers made history with their championship. The Buccaneers quarterback, Tom Brady, holds the most accomplished career history in the NFL. With twists and turns throughout the Sunday night, Super Bowl LV will go down as one to remember.