Freshman Opportunities: New IU Housing Options

Design By: Savannah Wells

Design By: Savannah Wells

Freshman at many universities are known for having to live on campus. For the first year of the students’ lives, they are stuck in small dorms. Some of those dorms lack the necessities of air conditioning and heating. This year is different because of the COVID-19 guidelines that have been implemented. 

The dorms have communal showers, restrooms, and washing machines. The dorms also house two people in a very enclosed place. The students are normally forced to live close to each other in a very small room.

The disease spreads through bacteria that is transferred in the air. The virus is very contagious and has taken over the world. A small dorm with a multitude of students is a breeding ground for COVID-19. 

COVID-19 has forced the school to allow freshmen to live off-campus. Many incoming freshmen are very excited to hear this, as it will give them more freedom,freedom to make the decision that suits them best.

Incoming freshmen now have to make a choice of where they would like to live at the university. Options for students include dorms, apartments, and even virtual learning.

Each option has its own benefits and downfalls. 

Dorms enable students to make friends very easily and to have face-to-face connections with other students. However, dorms have limited space and comfort.

Apartments enable students to save money, as they are usually cheaper. The apartments also allow the students to have more space for their social and academic lives. The apartments are usually further away from campus, making the trip to class even longer.

No matter the rooming, students still should prioritize their education at that university. Incoming students at universities have an opportunity that has never been presented to them before. They have the ability to make their own decision on rooming their freshman year.