East vs. Seymour Girls’ Golf

With a growth mindset as their initial focus for this season, the Columbus East Women’s Golf team stayed positive and pushed through poor weather conditions to gain the victory against the Seymour Owls.

“This year we are really working on mental toughness,” Coach Kylie Weichman said. “The mental aspect of golf is about 90 percent of it.”

The girl’s golf team has put in lots of hard work and dedication, from an early start to their season, to lots of summer practices, pushing through all forms of weather. All this practice has proven effective with two players, senior Peyton Meier and junior Katie Hong, achieving their personal records at this match. 

“They are doing their jobs, and they are playing consistently,” Weichman said. “Today was a tough day… I just wanted the girls to go out there and have some fun, and I am really proud of them.” 

The focus on hard work and mental toughness has been beneficial to these girls, especially at this match where the Olympians scored a 160 to Seymour’s 206.