The Truth Behind “THAT Girl”

Self-care and wellness are concepts that have become heavily popularized throughout quarantine, however now, the “aesthetic” of individual well being is taking over the internet. 

The virtual world is a breeding space for comparison, with photogenic moments galore. So although the last few years have skyrocketed relatability and emotional transparency online, there is still a layer of perfectionism in how one displays their life on the internet. 

With new and existing social media platforms and trends, “THAT girl” is another element of idealized life expectations, that many feel upset by if they can’t meet. “THAT girl” is a viral tik tok/pinterest fad where people share pictures and videos of their daily lives doing aesthetic tasks with the footage to match. These creators share their time management, productivity, and goal setting all while making the most instagrammable matcha. 

Though the innocent trend was meant to romanticize one’s life or share with followers a routine they enjoy, it has reinforced an unattainable lifestyle that began with the cultivation of social media. What started as a digital space to connect with people has become a factor for low self esteem and mental health issues. 

So how do a few visually pleasing videos play into the role of the unhealthy side of social media? There is nothing wrong with enjoying your life, your food, your routines, your clothes, your home, or your relationships; but at what point do those aspects of your own life transform into the standard for others?

The ultimate focus of “THAT girl” should boil down to mindset. The message surrounding how people in each video tackle their days, make the most out of their lives, and prioritize their happiness comes from their perspective rather than their physical checklist which is rather a byproduct of their thinking. 

There is nothing wrong with being or wanting to be “THAT girl”, however what each individual should understand is that more than sunrise yoga and nightly skincare, the key is to live a life that works best for you.