Attempting a Comeback

For several years at East, the boys basketball team has struggled to build a winning record. Each season has been full of misfortune, low energy and poor team chemistry. But this year, the boys on the team have worked hard to make this season differ from others.

Beginning the season in November, the boys struggled to find a rhythm. Although the talent was there, the team failed to execute on the court. But after an enormous win against Jennings County on February 12, 2022, East has changed their team dynamic and even secured a five game win-streak in the midst.

Senior captain Will Rieckers, has helped lead this team and turn around the season. Scoring 28 points in two games during the winning-streak, Rieckers is one of the players putting their best foot forward into the postseason.

“We are just having fun,” Rieckers said. “Compared to the last two years, this team has a lot more chemistry than the past teams.”

Unlike previous years, the 2021-2022 basketball team is made up of several lower classmen and juniors, with only three seniors. Despite the difference in age, the boys continue to make up for this by giving their best effort.

“We are gonna go out on the court and play the way we have been: playing hard and leaving it all on the court,” Rieckers said.

In their journey of turning the season around, the basketball team won five games in a row. These victories were achieved in games against Jennings County, Madison, Franklin, Shelbyville and East Central. Despite the streak of victories, the boys were defeated by Floyd Central, but are working to use these experiences as they enter the sectional, specifically junior Ben Sylva.

“I think winning those games showed us that we can compete with other teams, we just needed to do it as a team,” Sylva said.

With a changed mindset and new game plan, the boys basketball team are looking ahead to what the postseason may entail.

“We’re gonna go into the game knowing that we can compete,” Sylva said. “We need to have the mindset that if we all play to our best ability, we can win.”

The boys basketball team is scheduled to play Bloomington North on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at Mooresville Highschool. Each player is awaiting this night, ready to give this game their all.