The Benefits of Classical Music

For a lot of people, creating music playlists curated for their every mood has become a personality trait. With diverse music interests, every genre can find a place in one’s Spotify wrapped. 

However, an underrated and immensely therapeutic style of music is classical. Yes, the Beethoven and Mozart’s of the world are fun to listen to but outside of the classics, piano music or instrumental soundtracks can all result in the same effect. 

Many people presume classical music is boring and shy away from the melodies of the instruments, though chances are a style of classical music is out for anyone to enjoy. 

From movie soundtracks with piano songs to violin renditions of guitar songs, instrumental/classical music can often make you feel like a character amongst a movie soundtrack. 

Whether used as a peaceful song while doing homework or the background for self-guided meditation, classical music serves many purposes and aids in many benefits. 

Ultimately, classical music is made to calm your brain. It is scientifically proven to improve sleep, help you focus and reduce anxiety. Almost everyone loves a good Taylor Swift or Kid Cudi song, but taking a break from music that makes you scream the lyrics in your car is nice from time to time.