A Look at Crumbl Cookies’ Creations

Crumbl Cookies is an Indiana-based bakery chain and one of the businesses that benefited greatly from the 2020 pandemic. Through social media, Crumbl Cookies advertised huge, caloric homemade cookies. What made Crumbl most unique, however, is the switch up of four of the six flavors every week. 

Crumbl has released weird and wacky flavors since the beginning, from candy bars to tasty toppings. Each cookie is served warm or cold, depending on what enhances its taste the best. The long list of Crumbl flavors that have been created has led to multiple favorites among customers. 

Strawberries and Creme 

One of the popular cake flavors that Crumbl has flipped into a cookie is Strawberries and Creme. This cookie is “A chilled vanilla cake cookie with fresh strawberries and a ring of whipped cream,” according to Crumbl’s Instagram. The cookie is sweet, sugary, rich, and delicious. 

Hot Chocolate 

A seasonal cookie, Hot Chocolate is a cookie served warm that stays true to its name. This chocolate cookie has melted chocolate and mini marshmallows and is perfect for chocolate lovers. Delicious and sweet, this cookie is a favorite among customers. 

Pecan Pie

A cookie take on the pecan pie is a delightful invention. According to Crumbl, this cookie is a “buttery warm sugar cookie with brown sugar and toasted pecan pie filling.” The Pecan Pie cookie is released around Thanksgiving, making it a great dessert choice for a function. 

Circus Animal 

Circus Animal cookies are a childhood favorite, meaning this cookie can bring nothing but nostalgia. It has a sugar cookie base, rainbow sprinkles, white chocolate, and a recreation of the animal-shaped cookie on top. It’s basically a cookie that tastes like another cookie but is bigger. 


Cornbread is not typically a dessert option but Crumbl successfully made it so. This cookie is made from cornbread and has a honey butter topping and honey buttercream, making it flavorful and one of Crumbl’s most unique creations.