The Finale: 5 Essentials For Crafting


As Caroline’s Craft Corner comes to a close, it seemed fitting to conclude a crafting essentials post to end the web series strong. Whether these are in an arts and crafts kit or just displayed in the workplace, here are the top five items and tools to have in the event of a new craft-tivity. Check out the CEHS News archives for more Craft Corner posts.

A Hot Glue Gun

A staple in my craft tote, this useful tool can be used to secure any object of any material imaginable, and what is not to love about the quick drying benefit.


Scrapbook Scissors

These wavy-edged blades spice up any average paper project with a fun edge. 


Non-Mechanical Pencils

Sometimes it is just better to go the classic way and use a normal pencil for once when sketching out cut lines or tracing stencils.


Paints and Paint Brushes

Having a small set of primary-colored paints and staple paintbrushes always come in handy for random touch-ups on projects.


A Cutting Mat

For those projects that call for an exacto knife or messy paint activities, having a washable surface overtop of another prevents any unfortunate stains or carvings to be left behind after a fun crafting session.


Happy Crafting!

-Caroline Emerick