Photo Gallery: Columbus Prom 2016

CEHSNews Staff

On Saturday, BCSC juniors and seniors experienced what is commonly considered to be one of the most memorable nights in high school- Prom. Over one thousand students flocked to the Commons to enjoy an evening of dinner, pictures and dancing with friends or a date. The theme of the dance was “Carnival of the Night”, with gold painted circus animals and ticket stubs decorating the tables and food choices of cotton candy and popcorn at concessions.

Prom King and Queen were announced at around 10:30, with Nick Andrie and Ella Rohlfs taking the titles for East.

“Prom was exciting! I loved getting all dressed up for a special occasion and the dance itself was a night to remember,” senior Danielle Rodgers said.

Whether a junior returning next year or senior having one of their last high school experiences, Prom was undoubtedly an eventful night for all involved.