Friday Feuds: Apples vs. Oranges

Thomas Myers and Caleb Kinnaird

Apples (Caleb)

When someone thinks of a tasty fruit, they will often think of an apple. Apples are a delicious snack that can be eaten in many different ways. Not only can one eat an apple whole, but they can slice it up and eat it with peanut butter or make an delicious apple pie. One of the best things about apples is the many different flavors that it naturally comes in. If someone wants a sweet apple, they could try a Granny Smith Apple. If someone wants a more mild apple, they can eat a Red Delicious, or if they want an apple that tastes like a grape, they can eat a grapple. Apples can even make a drink, apple juice. Overall, apples are just tastier and have more options than oranges do.

Oranges (Thomas)

When people name their favorite fruits, oranges are always on everyone's list. Oranges have a great tasting flavor in every bite. They have great texture and they have many different sizes. Oranges are the largest size and there is also cuties which is a smaller orange, that is full of flavor. Oranges can also do more things than eat. You can make orange juice with oranges, which is one of the healthiest juices. Oranges are full of vitamin C which benefits your body greatly. Oranges are the clear choice over apples for multiple reasons. They are really healthy and have lots of uses.

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