Sibling Relationships

Ethan Glaid, Sports Writer

There are many different types of relationships throughout East, but there is nothing quite like a sibling bond.

Having an older sibling at school can be a very beneficial asset, especially during the transition from junior high to high school. Older siblings are very knowledgeable about how the school operates and give younger siblings hints and tips on how to have the best high school experience.

I personally have a sibling here at school and she has proven to be very helpful with deciding which classes to take and how to make strong connections with all my teachers.

Another advantage is the sibling’s ability to help broaden horizons. They can introduce their younger siblings to new people as well as directing them to the right crowd. By having a sibling to show you the ropes, it helps create a better and safer high school experience.

While having a sibling can be a very efficient resource, there are also downsides.

One drawback to having a sibling at school is spending more time together than usual, which can lead to conflicts at home.

By spending too much time together they may get tired of being around each other which can lead to personal space violations as well as arguments about small things, such as how fast one could get out of class at the end of the day to catch a ride home.

Another downside to siblings at school is having to live up to past siblings standards.

Some siblings leave an impression on teachers which can be mandated onto the younger sibling. For example, if a past sibling made the impression they were very intelligent that pressure is then put on the younger sibling to be the at that same level. The accomplishments of an older sibling can put pressure on a younger sibling and lead to a crummy high school career.

While siblings can be very helpful at school they can also be a disadvantage, it just depends on the relationship.