Caroline’s Craft Corner: Monster Pots

Caroline Emerick, Content Editor

Around this time of year people usually decorate their houses for Halloween. Instead of using store-bought decorations to accessorize your house for Halloween this year, make something spooky out of your average garden pot by trying these DIY monster pots.


  • Small pot
  • Paint colors of your choice (must have green, orange, white and black)
  • Black marker
  • Googly eyes
  • Black felt
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Steps- Each type of pot has different steps for each design you choose to do.

Pumpkin pot: 

  1. Paint the whole pot orange
  2. Once the paint is dry, draw on eyes and a mouth with a black marker

Bat Pot:

  1. Paint the whole pot black 
  2. Using the glue, glue on the googly eyes
  3. With the white paint, draw on a little mouth and fangs
  4. Lastly using the black felt, cut out wings for the bat and paste them onto the pot

Franken Pot:

  1. Paint the sides of the pot green and the rim black
  2. Measure the circumference (outside) of the pot for the hair
  3. Using the felt cut it into a wide strip and then along the edge cut zig zags for the hair
  4. Once you have completed step 3, glue the hair onto the pumpkin
  5. Take the googly eyes and glue them onto the face of the franken pot and draw the mouth
  6. Lastly, draw on some scars with the black marker

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