Movies by Months


Design By: Ally Piatkowski

The year 2020 has been viewed as a mistake by many people. COVID-19 has forced many changes to not only daily schedules and lifestyles, but also to the entertainment industry. People have complained about how many movies are being delayed and pushed back, but at the same time seem to forget the number of movies that 2020 has already brought us.

In the months before COVID-19, several movies were released but in the end, were overshadowed by the panic of the pandemic shutdown. In January, the movie Dolittle starring Robert Downey Jr. was released to theaters. The horror film Gretel & Hansel inspired by the classic story about two children and a witch was also released that month as well. Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey started off the month of February exciting DC fans with the next installment after Suicide Squad.

Even though COVID-19 started affecting the United States in March, some movies still made it before the lockdown. The Way Back, a movie about a former basketball player becoming a coach, was released in early March. The Disney film Onward was also released to theaters early that month but also appeared on the streaming service Disney Plus in early April.

In the thick of lockdown, the summer still brought several movies with it. The movie Scoob! was released to homes in mid-May, showing fans of the iconic Mystery Incorporated how the Scooby-Doo gang was formed. June brought the release of Artemis Fowl to Disney Plus. My Spy, starring Dave Bautista, was also released to Amazon Prime.

Fall continued to release movies in homes, but some were cautiously sent to theaters. “Words on Bathroom Walls” was featured in late August at YES Cinema. The Marvel film The New Mutants is available to watch in theaters and at home. Mulan was released to Disney Plus through Premier Access in early September as the live-action version of the Disney classic of the same name. Right before Halloween, the horror film Come Play also released to theaters.

Though many changes and challenges have taken place this year, it is important to remember that the world is fighting to keep pushing through. Overcoming barriers, entertainment companies have still delivered a vast amount of movies this year. Having a positive outlook on the good that has come out of this year will encourage people to keep fighting through this.