Who is…the Next Jeopardy Host?


Photo Credit: USA Today

Since the death of Alex Trebeck, Jeopardy has been experimenting with new hosts. It seems that for now, the game show will feature guest hosts throughout the next season. The guest hosts will not receive any payment. And the show will instead make a donation to a charity of the guest host’s choice. The donation amount will be equal to the winnings of the contestants during the days they host. Ken Jennings, the most winning Jeopardy contestant, hosted the show for the first time since Trebeck.

 Executives on the show make it clear that there is no replacing Alex Trebeck. But only finding a fresh and new unique host. The show announced that the upcoming guest hosts will include Aaron Rodgers, Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, Mike Richards, and Mayim Bialik. Mike Richards has seemed to be a favorite for many, however winning Emmys for producing shows like the weakest link, Let’s make a deal, Wheel of Fortune and Who wants to be a millionaire

The show will make their choice of who will be the full-time host based on who is best received by audiences, and who has the most passion for the position. Trebeck before his death when asked about the topic said he is sure his successor would be “somebody personable, intelligent, and who appears to be friendly and kindly disposed towards the contestants.”