The Dish on Trish



As huge influencers like David Dobrik and James Charles have been under fire for being problematic, members of the H3 podcast have swept in quickly to provide commentary and insight on the issues.

After starting a sub-series under the H3 podcast called “Frenemies”, Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein have become the internet’s new power duo. Against all odds, the duo has continued the series for several months after making amends for past conflict. They have grown especially close since Paytas began dating Klein’s brother-in-law, Moses Hacmon. 

The podcast has a laid back structure, in which Paytas and Klein have a conversation for an hour or two. When covering the David Dobrik scandal, the two devoted several episodes of “Frenemies” to watching Vlog Squad members’ apologies Additionally, they interviewed Jeff Wittek, a member of the Squad. 

“Frenemies” is also an opportunity for Paytas to redeem herself in the eyes of the media. While she seems to constantly be in the center of controversy and scandal herself, the insight she gives to Dobrik’s story (she dated Jason Nash at the time)has turned a lot of haters into fans. 

East Opinions

Because Paytas is so infamous, anyone who is active on social media has been able to form an opinion on her. 

“I find [Paytas] really funny and she calls everyone out. I feel like she is problematic because she gets involved in everything which does make it funny and really entertaining,” senior Abby Miller said. 

While some, like Miller, find humor in her drama, others see it as a flaw. 

“She’s loud, obnoxious and very very problematic…I don’t know how people stand her,” junior Jayden Peek said. 

Many are somewhere in the middle, or go back and forth on their opinion of her. 

“It’s more of a love-hate relationship with Trisha because yes she’s done a lot of bad things but she’s also improved herself as a person even though it took her a while to be mature”, junior Sophie Hoene said. “People just call her problematic for her actually bringing light to certain situations pertaining to other celebrities.” 

Overall, Paytas’ place on the internet is always up for debate. Whether she is loved or hated, she has earned a position in the spotlight from years of entertainment.