Anticipating Adele

Winding down a year of pandemic devastation, change and hardships for all, numerous individuals have resorted to music as a healthy coping mechanism. 2015 was the last we heard from singer/songwriter Adele. The artist is most known for her captivating lyrics, and expertise in hitting strong notes. As this reflection period begins for most, the announcement of a new single, followed by a 4th studio album, struck excitement across the country. 

“Easy on Me”, Adele’s latest single, released on Oct. 15 2021, has not been shy of receiving countless attention. The song has shattered multiple radio records, including being the most played song in US history during its first week on air. It was also the most added single in mediabase history, with 451 stations reporting they immediately added the song to their playlist. 

Adele also announced on her Instagram that she would be releasing her 4th studio album, 30, on November 19 2021. This is nearly 6 years after the release of her album 25 which received Album of the Year in 2015. Adele is no stranger to accomplishments, as she has received many awards for her work. The artist holds 15 Grammys, a golden globe award, 9 brit awards, and much more. 

Social media platforms such as Tiktok, have been an outlet for teens and young adults to express their love for Adele and her music production. A recent trend has overcome the platform, which consists of individuals sharing small clips of them singing their all-time favorite adele lyrics. 

Anticipation is on the rise as returning Adele fans are excited for the six-year wait to come to a close. New fans are excited to finally be a part of Adele’s huge fanbase. I know myself and many of my peers around me will be tuning in on Nov. 19 to watch Adele break more records with her 4th album, designed with moving lyrics with the ability to touch the hearts of many.