Looking Back on the Astroworld Tragedy


Since 2018, Travis Scotts’s Astroworld Festival has been in a tremendous demand for tickets and has become one of the most anticipated music events each year. There were around 50,000 people who bought tickets for the two-night event but Live Nation had put the maximum capacity at 20,000 making the venue extremely packed.

There were indicators of being unable to control the crowd all throughout the day. Many people were caught attempting to enter the festival without purchasing tickets by climbing over fences and turnstiles.

According to independent.co.uk jumping over the many fences and barricades left the event organizers unprepared for the number of people arriving, resulting in insufficient medical care if needed.

Throughout the night there were signs of the venue being unsafe with people passing out and being stepped on if they were to have fallen. All of a sudden a crowd surge of people occurred pushing many people to the ground and being trampled on. The force of a crowd surge can be so strong that it pushes people not even directly involved in the incident, and that is exactly what happened.

As the crowd surged up to the stage many fans were crushed and many survivors reported not being able to breath and passing out. By Nov. 17 there had been ten official deaths caused by the crowd surge and one victim as young as 9. 

“I’m absolutely devastated by what took place last night,” Scott writes on Twitter. ” My prayers go out to the families and all those impacted by what happened at the Astroworld Festival.”

Scott and Live Nation are currently being sued for 750 million dollars by many of the victim’s families. This is not the first time Scott’s concerts have been reportedly dangerous. Many fans over the years have broken body parts.

Scott denies the responsibility for all deaths that occurred at the festival due to the unawareness of the crowd surge. According to the New York Post Scott felt he was “1000” percent sure he did his best to help the fans. 

Scott has been trying to get his lawsuits to be dismissed following denying accusations.

There are around 140 new Lawsuits against Scott, Live Nation, Apple Music and Drake. Scott continuously apologizes and gives closure to make sure future concerts are safe via social media.