Drake’s Newest Album

As many people may know, Drake just released his new album “Her Loss” featuring 21 Savage This album struck the music industry on Friday, November 4th 2022. There are many mixed feelings; some people say they like it and some people hate it. 

The new album has struck TikTok with many new trends that people do along with the songs. Song “Rich Flex” is one of those, and has gone viral on TikTok since the album was released.

Recently there are lawsuits against Drake and 21 savage for the album cover mimicking the magazine Vogue. The Vogue publisher Conde Nast filed a seven-claim suit against the rapper for reproducing their work and materials without the permission of the magazine company.

The well known website “Pitchfork” has reviewed the album and given it an all around score of 6.4 out of ten. Another website called “Rate Your Music” has the top three track listings as number one: Rich Flex; number two:Major Distribution; and third:On BS. Many people would agree with this as these are the main songs that are seen in the TikTok trends and other current songs on social media. 

These artists understand that everyone isn’t going to like their music and that there will always be hate. “Everyone said they wanted the old Drake back and now that I brought it back no one likes it”, said Drake on his Instagram page. Not everyone will always like certain albums and there will always be hate.