The Top Show in America

Yellowstone is the fastest growing show in the country since its release on June 20 2018. Recently, season five came out after a long awaited break from last season which ended in the beginning of January. 

The premiere of season five came out on Nov. 13, and had almost nine million viewers watching as soon as it started just on Paramount alone. Now, 12.1 million other networks have aired the show.

This series has a huge storyline that everyone is eager to watch every Sunday when it comes out. The story is about a father who owns a ranch in Montana. Many people from the big cities want his land to build shopping centers and hotels. 

With the help of his daughter, Beth, they take on the modern day people and find ways that they can keep their land legally. Father John Dutton is very prominent in that he keeps his land, as it has been in his family for hundreds of years.

 As millions of viewers watch every week, it is hard to stop watching. Many believe the show is the number one show in the country because of the amazing story line that Yellowstone has and the amazing actors that play the parts.